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Clay County Progress - Bond Dollars at Work

Our commitment to fulfilling our obligations from the past while building for the future.

This past October the Clay County Commission passed its tax-free bond initiative to fund improvement projects across the county. Very quickly we have started projects that have been deferred for years and in some cases decades. We have begun vital safety upgrades and are starting plans for our growing community. Every step of the process is important, and we will keep our communities informed of progress as promised.

As we continue to make progress,  you will see monthly report expenditures as part of the update process.  As always, we strive to hire local so we encourage all Clay County businesses to keep an eye on the bid opportunities as projects and services are posted. You can register now to be notified of bid opportunities. 

We appreciate your continued support as we work toward a safer, more enriched Clay County for all.


Bond Payment Tracking Spreadsheet (Click to download, updated as of 02/28/2021) 

Project Updates:

SEPT23.pngHighway bridge projects are continuing on, with the 148th St. bridge redesign complete and sent to MoDOT for approval. The New Hope bridge at 188th had no bids during the current bid cycle, but should be approved by MoDOT by the end of the calendar year. Over at parks, over 960 tons of shoreline riff-raff has been brought in to bolster the lake shorelines and the shelters around Crows Creek. Over 6 miles of trails have been repaired around the lake up to Bonebender Trail. These repairs have included patching and sodding all the way up to D loop, asphalt maintenance at the Platte traillheads, and the last of the CXT restrooms being added to Camp Branch (5 in total). Bond dollars have also been utilized to retool the infield dirt at the baseball diamonds, administer additional gravel to our campsites and finalizing the much-needed electrical grid updates in G loop. Clay County and Smithville also broke ground on a new dog park last week, which will be bolstered by some new fencing and water fountains. At the administration building we are beginning the process of HVAC system replacements as well as the process of revitalizing the ceiling in the old courtroom. Pharis Farm and Jesse James Farm crews will be working on updates to doors, hallways, and more windows. 


SEPT08.pngCrews finishing electrical in G loop trails, adding additional 5 CXT rooms. Renovate camp sites in G loop, gravel and parking blocks, as well as asphalt at Bonebender Trail. Golf crews are finishing up sodding and leveling the tees. 148th St. is 90% redisigned and in counsulting with engineer. Homes ave is up for bid this month. Renovations estimates for Administration building HVAC systems as well as structural renovations. 



Remainder of concrete CXT buildings on order to first week of November. Crews demolishing old wood buildings. G Loop electrical updates. Painting and fix ups walls and ceilings at Jesse James farm. 4-14-T Project; crews will help mobilize tomorrow and tear up old sod and replace with new. Begin asphalt repairs on cart paths.



County non-essential services are reorganizing to continue projects in a way that follows the Clay County Public Health Center Director's order.


MAR 9.jpgTrails crews stockpiled an additional 82 truckloads of rip-rap totaling about 2,460 tons to go along the shoreline in Crows Creek Picnic Arm. Additionally, five new CXT restrooms have been ordered to replace the remaining old wood flush restrooms in Crows Creek Campground and Picnic Arm. The manufacturing orders have been approved, the restrooms are in production and scheduled to be installed the last week of March, weather permitting. Progress on the Mt Olivet box culvert replacement had stopped due to winter weather, but the contractor is back on site and the project should be completed within the next weeks, weather permitting. Construction bids have been posted for the bridges on NE 148th Street and NE 188th Street. Bids open on March 26. Design is nearly complete for the North Home Avenue bridge and should be ready for posting the construction bid by early summer. Over on the James Cabin, crews are waiting for direction regarding the wall boards and ceiling in the cabin, while working on replacing and installing the new windows. 




Crews at the Jesse James Farm are taking measurements for windows and doors in the cabin, and implementing project plans regarding the wall boards and celing. 



JAN03.jpgCrews have been hard at work at Jesse James Cabin, completing shingle installation on the 1890s addition and installing flooring in cabin bedroom and kitchen. Trails crews placed an additional 112 loads of rip-rap along the shoreline in Crows Creek Campground. The Highway Department continues design for the Home Ave & NE 132nd Bridge Replacements, while consultant services for the Greenwood Rd Bridge Replacement are under review.                            


DEC20.pngNE 188th St and Rocky Hollow replacements have been completed! Concrete is being poured at the Mt Olivet Culvert. 6,821 tons of rip-rap have been placed along the shoreline in Crows Creek Campground and 5 new CXT flush restrooms are ordered for delivery in the Spring to replace the remaining old wood flush restrooms in Crows Creek and Picnic Arm. At the Jesse James Farms crews are still shingling and have added in work installing flooring in the cabin bedroom and kitchen. 


DEC 6.jpgShoreline stabilization at Crows Creek is in progress. 1,120 tons of rock were delivered and are being added along the shoreline for erosion control. Progress continues on renovations at the Jesse James Farm Cabin. Crews are now completing roof shingling and window restoration.



NOV22.pngFinished grading work at on new restrooms in Crows Creek. Mulching, staking and watering begins for newly planted trees in Crows Creek A Loop. Midwest Airport's sanitary sewer project is in its final phase. At the Jesse James Farm Cabin crews have finished siding the north and west walls of the cabin. The Highway Department continues culvert work across the county.  Footings have been poured at Mt Olivet; willow stakes have been placed at Rocky Hollow; ditch work and fence replacement is in the works at NE 188th, and Stark Avenue has been completed! Construction bid documents have been sent to MoDOT for concurrence for Shady Grove and New Hope bridge replacements. Irrigation has been completed at Paradise Pointe Golf Complex. All new decking, banding boards and vinyl edging were installed at Sailboat Cove pump-out station. Work continues on the electrical upgrades at Sailboat Cove and Paradise Pointe Marinas. a bid was also taken to begin upgrading electric service to 50 amps in Camp Branch D-Loop, and Crows Creek E, F, and G-Loops.


NOV8.pngFour new CXT facility buildings were installed, and utility and grading is currently being finished. New roofs were installed on 70 percent of park buildings. Renovations continue at the Historic Jesse James Cabin, inlcuding shingle removal and sheathing replacement on the roof and furring strip additions to the north side of the cabin. Midwest National Air Center is nearing completion of their sanitation sewer project. irrigation at paradise Pointe Gold Complex is close to completion, cart paths were repaired, and all sprinkler heads are fully functioning as well as both pump stations. Work continues on Mt. Olivet and NE 188th and Rocky Hollow culverts. The Stark Ave culvert is complete, waiting for striping. 


A heaOCT25.pngvy-duty rotary cutter, a mini excavator and two compact track loaders have been delivered to the Parks facilities. The Mt Olivet, NE 188th and Rocky Hollow Culvert projects are currently being worked on. Three utility trucks will be replacing old units in Little Platte and Eastern Parks, and two Ford Transit vans have been ordered to replace old models at Central Services and the Nature Center. Paradise Pointe Golf Comlpex has received a pair of John Deere Turf Gators and HPX utility vehicles. the complex is also installing 56 more sprinkler heads. The Jesse James Farm Cabin is in the midst of renovations. HVAC ductwork, attic insulation, and ceiling boards are being removed. Crews are continuing to work on the crawlspace under the 1890's addition and chinking on the south side of the cabin is nearing completion. 


October.jpgNE 188th and NE 148th Bridge Replacement plans are in processing. Property easements have been obtained for both projects. Home Ave and NE 132nd Bridge Replacements are currently in the design stage. The Stark Avenue project will be completed by winter. RFQ consultant services have concluded for the Greenwood Road project and it is currently under evaluation. The restrooms at Crows Creek Campground will have wood thrush replaced, all facilities will be stained and painted, and toilets/shower replacements are occurring at Jack Rabbit Bend, Crows Creek, and Kelsey Short Group Camp. Camp Branch will also receive a parking upgrade. Paradise Pointe platform dock has been replaced. Beach renovations will be starting and improvements to trailheads, including 11 kiosk display board installations. Finally, Clay County has been awarded the TRIM grant from MDC to help the planting of 50 native Missouri trees in Crows Creek Campground this fall. 


September.jpgUpgraded pump-out station at Sailboat Cove Marina. Replaced marina dock pavers at Camp Branch and the new restaurant at Paradise Pointe. Electrical upgrades at Sailboat Cove and Paradise Pointe marinas. Upgraded electric service to 50-amp service in Camp Branch D-Loop, Crows Creek E, F, and G-Loops. Replaced Culvert drainage pipes under Arm Road. Resurfaced Camp Branch shower house floor. Completed replacement of HVAC unit at the Park Office. Continuing improvements to ADA Camping Sites at all grounds.


August_23_19.pngSod stripping on The Posse golf course has been completed.  The irrigation system on holes 1- 5 and 18 of the Outlaw course have been completed. The zoysia tee boxes should see completion in two weeks. Crews out at the Jesse James Farm dug trenches on the north, west and south sides of the cabin and they have begun to install hardware cloth in the trenches to help prevent animal infestation of the cabin. Parks received 4 additional Bike fix-it stations to be installed at trailheads. The playground at Crows Creek has been mulched. At the Midwest National Air Center, crews installed the sanitary line and it is being tested. Planning and Zoning established addresses for 3 entrances at Rocky Hollow park as well as the new marina restaurant and bait shop at Paradise Pointe. 


JuLY 26_19.png148th and 188th Street bridge designs are under review by MoDot. The Greenwood bridge has been approved by commission and plans are being sent to MoDot for review. The Culverts on Stark and 188th Street are under construction. The irrigation system on the Possee Golf Course has been completed. Crews are preparing to strip the fairways on The Posse and replace with zoysia. The parking lot behind the facilities building has been completed. The culvert replacement on the picnic arm is scheduled to be asphalted on Monday. Beach renovations will resume and the berms will be reconstructed after the flooding. The Anita B. Gorman trailhead has been completed. The vault toilets at Kelsey Short and Anita B. Gorman have been replaced. 2 out of 3 tractors with front ends have been delivered for Eastern Parks and Crow's Creek locations. The Nature Center received the heavy-duty walk behind brush mower. 


July_12_19.pngHoles 4 - 7 have been completed at Paradise Pointe's The Posse. The course is on schedule and on track to be completed by the end of July. The Highway Department has received the notice to proceed with 4 culvert replacements. Crews out at the Marinas continue to replace the dock pavers. Engineering work continues on the upgrade of the electric to Camp Branch's D Loop as well as Crow's Creek E, F, and G loops to 50 amp service. Crews continue to work on painting and staining all brick and wood shelters in the park. The upgrade to the shower house facility at Kelsey Short is underway. New Kiosk displays have been installed at Little Platte South and Little Platte North trailheads along with ADA signage and newly added Bicycle Fix-it stations, and additional Bicycle Fix-it Station was installed at Smoke and Davey Trailhead as well. 


June_21_19.pngSignificant progress has been made at the Paradise Pointe Golf Course, the back nine holes of The Posse have been completed. Next, they will begin work on the front nine of that same course. 148th and 188th street bridges are now at MoDot for design approval. Clay County Planning and Zoning has issued permits to move forward with the installation of the next 4 CXT bathrooms to go in at Smithville Lake Parks. 


June 7_19.pngThe Jesse James Farm renovations are moving along, crews continue to remove siding from the walls of the cabin and are working on removing chinking from logs on the west side. Utility lines were marked this week and cabin logs were tested for durability. Three holes at the Paradise Pointe Golf Course reached its completion goal on time and holes 17 & 18 are also almost complete. The golf course also took delivery of the new grinder. The final version of the 188th street (New Hope) bridge plans have been sent to MODot for approval, also landscaping environments surrounding both  188th and 148th street bridges are being worked on. 


May 31_19.pngDue to the recent extreme weather and emergency situations, this weeks bond update will be delayed so that staff can assist citizen's, prepare preventative efforts and assess the damage already done. If you are interested in volunteering to help clean up after the tornado, please check back. Details will become available in the coming week. Thank you for your understanding.


May 17_19.pngThe sanitary sewer project at the airport is underway, crews came out and staked the area and work will begin on June 1st as long as the weather cooperates. The Parks Department took delivery of maintenance equipment that includes two large area mowers and two 7200 Toro mowers. The road resurfacing project at Kelsey Short has been completed. The bicycle repair stations for the trailhead have been delivered, the installation will begin weather permitting. At the golf course, 50 ft lengths of pipe have been fused together. The next steps will be taking those and making 500 ft lengths which will be tunneled underneath the ground. In all this step will put in 35 miles of pipe that will be used for the irrigation system. Holes 10, 11 and 18 have been marked for sprinkler head placement. 


May 3_19.pngThe Jesse James renovations team removed the floors in Zerelda James' bedroom in the cabin. Currently, the floor joists are set on the ground which can cause moisture and mold. To prevent deterioration, the space under the cabin will be cleaned out and vents put in place to keep the space under the cabin dry.  The Tryst Falls playground dirt has been leveled and seeded, the ADA accessible ramp and parking will be placed when weather permits. Midwest Irrigation will be delivering the pipes for the irrigation piping on Monday just ahead of the ribbon cutting for the system which will be at 3 pm at Paradise Pointe Golf Complex, 18212 Golf Course Road, Smithville, MO 64089.


April_26_19.pngThe Jesse James Farm had its floors surveyed this week, the cabin will also receive a more historically accurate roof, a look at the cabin before renovations. The playground at Tryst Falls is completely installed and mulched. Grading, seeding and adding parking will follow next week depending on the weather conditions. Tree replacement efforts continued this week with the installation of 12 more trees around loop A in Crows Creek Campground. The community also gathered at Little Platte Park near Shelter 2 today to celebrate Arbor Day with a tree planting lead by our community's future, we appreciated their enthusiasm for the job. They also took part in the official ribbon cutting for the new Playground. It was a beautiful evening to be at the park! The ribbon cutting for the new irrigation system will be May 6th.  Information along with a map of the proposed irrigation system will be on display in the clubhouse. 


April_19_19.pngConstruction for the playground at Tryst Falls Park has begun, the ground has been prepped and work will continue over the next couple of weeks.  Supplies for the James Farm Cabin renovation have been ordered for reconstruction starting with the exterior of the historical site.   Four John Deere front mowers, two large area mowers, and two zero turn mowers have been purchased for grounds maintenance.  Resurfacing of all of the Camp Branch showers are now completed.   Supplies for the new irrigation system at the golf course are on order with a tentative installation start date of May 6th.  Groundbreaking for the new irrigation installation to be announced once a solid date is set.  Information along with a map of the proposed irrigation system will be on display in the clubhouse.  Sod will be installed in tandem with the irrigation construction. 


April_5_19.pngThe Little Platte Playground has been fully completed. The dirt work around the playground has been smoothed, leveled and seeded. A ribbon cutting for the playground will happen at the Arbor Day celebration set for April 26th. This event will also kick off the program to plant 200-250 Missouri native trees around Smithville Lake. Sodding has begun at the golf course, crews will be working on 4 holes at a time to cut down on play disruption. Engineering work stage has been completed for the electrical upgrades to Sailboat Cove and Paradise Point Marina. Engineering work has been started for the electrical upgrades to Camp Branch Campground - loops EFG; work is scheduled for this project to begin in the fall. Replacement to the second HVAC system for Camp Branch Marina is completed. The hot water heater for shower house 1 is completed and operational. 



The interior of Camp Branch Campground's restrooms of loops A, B, & D as well as shower house one and the swim beach restrooms have all been painted. The interior of Crow's Creek Campground's restrooms of loops A, B, C, D & G as well as Shelters #5 and #9 restrooms painting has been completed. The highway department met with Burns & McDonnell to discuss bridge replacement on Home Avenue and 132nd. The design work for the bridge on Shady Grove is 90% complete. Read more on the bridge process here. 


MAR_8_19.pngGolf course vendor, Turfworks, has completed the design of the hydraulic system and sprinkler head layout for the golf course. Strategy and planning meetings have started in regards to the dredging out of the lagoons at Crows Creek. The county has also met with the Corps to discuss how to permit the dredging of Rocky Hollow. Blueprints are being made for the electrical upgrades to the Marinas and campgrounds that are currently at 30 amp. 


Feb_22_19.pngProject completed! Arctic-like temperatures were no match for the crew from Atlas Dock. Dedicated to the completion of this project, 6,000 sq. ft. of frozen dock pavers were pried up and replaced. Looking forward to warmer weather and walking the docks! Pavers surrounding the new marina restaurant will be placed as that project progresses. 1, 2, 3, &4


Feb_15_19.pngDespite frigid temperatures and old pavers being frozen to the dock Atlas Dock has started the 6000 sq ft installation of new dock pavers at Camp Branch Marina. Engineering work has been started on the electrical upgrades at both Sailboat Cove and Paradise Pointe Marina. The culvert drainage tube is in place and is waiting on more cooperative weather to backfill the area and complete the project. 


Jan_31_19.png Frigid weather conditions made it possible to install 40 Truckloads of riprap along the shoreline at Crows Creek campground, loop D.  This is the start of the shore stabilization project, it is projected that 10 additional days of installation will be needed to complete the project. At the golf course, the layout for the sprinkler heads has begun, the next step is the hydraulics layout. Projects task orders have been approved for the trail alignment and Rocky Hollow Park. Completed the reconstruction and conditioning of the courtesy dock at Crow's Creek


Jan_18_19.png6000 sq ft of replacement pavers for Little Platte Marina have been installed. Culvert at Crows Creek is installed and nearly complete. Remaining CXT buildings to be installed upon approval from the Army Corps of Engineers approval to remove the existing structure. Reconstruction of the courtesy dock at Crow's Creek is underway. The site for the Tryst Falls playground has been graded and is ready for installation as soon as weather cooperates. 


Dec21_2019.pngA pipe was replaced under the picnic arm at Crows Creek. CXT buildings have been installed, backfilled and graded at Little Platte South (DD &F) and North (188th past Central Services). Playground for Tryst Falls to be delivered this week. RipRap, 14 tons delivered and for the northern part of E, F, &G. The installation will be weather and ground dependant.  Sole source bid went out for Rainbird equipment needed at the golf course. Started sampling lagoons which will determine the direction of that irrigation system and the replacement valve. 


Dec7_2018.png Four New CXT restroom facilities have been installed at Little Platte South (at DD & F Highway) and North (188th street past central services, near the trailhead) and both facilities at G & B loops at the campground. Rip Rap for Crows Creek shore stabilization has been ordered and plans for placement have been outlined. Repairs were made to the main water line leading to Parks. Twenty trees were planted ahead of the weather, another 100 to 150 more are planned in time for Arbor and Earth Day 2019. These trees are vital to our environment but critical to pest control.


Nov16_100px.jpgThe Clay County Commission has retained Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineers (CFSE), P.A. to conduct a double-blind site survey for the Clay County Annex Facility. CFSE will provide analysis of three new sites as well as the existing annex facility and will provide recommendations to the County.

Nov9_18.jpgPhase one of Smithville Marina's paver replacements on the docks has been started. The culvert at the Picnic Arm of Crow's Creek has been replaced. Roofs for all shelters throughout the park have been replaced. Little Platte Park's playground has been installed and the ADA parking lot and accessible sidewalk into the playground has been poured.



George K Baum reports that the sale of the bonds went very well and all bonds were sold. They also reported that they secured better interest rates than previously expected, bringing the overall TIC (True Interest Cost) down. Bond Counsel will be working on closing documents that are set for October 30, 2019. 



Oct15_100px.jpgClay County passes the proposed no-tax-increase bond initiative. The county has outlined its improvement and maintenance projects - outline of projects.



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