Tax Sale

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Thank you investors for another successful year

Title searches are being conducted now, and will be forwarded by email or regular mail to the address provided on your bidder affidavit soon after March 1.

What do you do once you receive your title search?


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What type of letter do I need to send to the people/parties identified in the title search?


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What do I need to submit to your office to claim a Collector's Deed?


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 Important dates to remember:
  • Subsequent taxes for properties purchased at the 2016 tax sale are due December 31, 2016.
  • Title searches will be performed by our office (using Secured Title KC) in February, 2017.

  • Title search results will be mailed to investors as soon as they are complete, but no later than the first week of April, 2017. The fee for searches will be added to the bill as soon as possible after March 1, 2017.

  • Certified and regular mail notices from investors must be mailed by May 31, 2017.

  • The last day property owners with tax liens from the 2016 tax sale have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to redeem is August 29, 2017. Beginning this year, homeowners may have a continuing right to redeem after this date if the investor does not claim a deed.

  • Assuming all other requirements have been met ON TIME, investors may claim a deed anytime between August 30, 2017 and February 22, 2018.  On February 23, 2018, all of the investor's rights to the property will expire, and any surplus will escheat to the school fund of the county.



The tax sale is held once a year on the fourth Monday of August at 10:00 A.M.

The next sale will be held on August 28, 2017.

Interested parties can download our tax sale guidelines. The recently passed revisions to the tax sale statute will take effect with the properties sold at the 2016 sale. 


If you have any questions regarding the procedures and/or redemption of properties, please contact the Collector's office at the number(s) listed in the contact box on the right.



Please note that Missouri law does not provide a category entitled "unclaimed surplus" or "excess proceeds" with regard to the tax sale.  All surplus funds are held in trust for the party that will eventually be legally entitled to them.  For 18 months following the sale, the funds are held for either the investor or the homeowner, depending on the final status of the property.  After the expiration of 18 months, the funds escheat to the school fund of the county.  Any party that is legally entitled to surplus funds should contact our offce to get very simple paperwork.  We can answer your questions and we are committed to paying the surplus to the legally entitled person.  There is no need for a homeowner claiming surplus to use an outside entity or hire an attorney to claim their surplus.  To protect our homeowners, we will not assist third parties that are attempting to claim surplus on behalf of someone that is already legally entitled to it. We also do not maintain an "unclaimed surplus" list of any kind.


Available Documents

Post 3rd sale properties

Bids will be opened on the first business day of each month from October through June.

Please complete all applicable forms, sign and date them and have them notarized as required on the form(s). You will need a new signed registration for each month in which you place a bid. Send the completed forms to:

Clay County Collector
Attn: Tax Sale
1 Courthouse Square
Liberty, Missouri 64068

You can also email them to

contact us

Clay County Collector
Lydia McEvoy

Clay County Courthouse
1 Courthouse Square
Liberty, Missouri 64068

phone: (816) 407-3200
fax: (816) 407-3201


Clay County Courthouse Annex
1901 NE 48th St
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