Once again Auditor Nicole Galloway is attempting an audit by press release, rather than simply getting to work on the audit requested by the citizens of Clay County. The State Auditor has been welcomed to Clay County, provided dedicated office space which she has allowed to sit vacant for months, provided 300,000 lines of financial data and multiple tours of County facilities.

Clay County believes Galloway should conduct her constitutional duties-- auditing financial actions of public entities—not trying to take over the management decisions for Clay County. It is for a judge to decide if the State Auditor may access personnel records containing HIPAA-protected information and the attorney-client privileged communications of Clay County. Clay County has offered to redact confidential employee information and attorney-client privileged communications. To date, the State Auditor has rejected this offer. The offer still stands. When Galloway is ready to roll up her sleeves and get back to work, Clay County is here.

A downloadable version of this statement is available here.