We have been in touch with the Missouri State Auditor about her interest in meeting with the Assistant County Administrator on a couple of matters and are working with their office to coordinate times for this to occur. She has been subpoenaed to appear on both November 25 and December 11.

In regard to the Nov. 25 subpoena, the County provided the Auditor significant advance notice that the Assistant Administrator would not be able to appear on that date due to a previous commitment to be out of the office with her family during the Thanksgiving holiday. That said, the Assistant County Administrator has also assured the Auditor that she would make herself available to meet at another time convenient for both.

As an update on the status of the records requested from the County, we have confirmed with the Missouri State Auditor that nearly all of the documents subject to the subpoena issued on November 8 have been produced to its staff.
The exceptions include records involving attorney client privilege and confidential employee medical records, as well as those not under the control of the Assistant County Administrator but rather under the control of other independently elected officials.

Our staff is also working diligently to locate and produce the other records requested as the County has every intention to continue working in good faith to produce these materials in as timely a fashion as possible.

Further, the county has been in contact with the State Auditor’s office throughout the last week to communicate and coordinate on these requests. The State Auditor’s office was open to these discussions and is aware of the county’s progress in putting together responses to her requests.

to view the Assistant County Administrator's signed affadavit, click here.