The Clay County Commission — in coordination with the Clay County Public Health Center (CCPHC) and the Emergency Management Coordinator — declared a state of emergency in Clay County. This order, effective at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 18, continues efforts to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Commission voted to approve Resolution 2020-96 and 97:

2020-97: Approval of declaration of state of emergency

2020-96: COVID-19 Protocol Outline for Clay County Personnel, Buildings and Communication

Gary E. Zaborac, Director of Public Health for the CCPHC and Health Officer for the County of Clay hereby orders the following:

  • No public gatherings of 10 or more people in attendance (both indoor or outdoor). Exceptions include governmental and judicial functions, healthcare facilities, daycare facilities, grocery stores, pharmacies, private business operations, religious and faith-based activities, weddings and funerals. Gatherings/organizations that choose to continue shall follow recommendations from the CDC on preventing the spread of disease.
  • That all restaurants, dining facilities, bars, taverns, clubs, and movie theaters in the County are hereby ordered closed to the public, except that any such establishment may continue to provide curbside, drive-through and delivery food and beverage services. In all areas, establishments must follow the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for social distancing and infection control measures.

These orders will remain in place for the next 14 days, at which time they will be extended if deemed necessary. The full order can be found here.

Clay continues to monitor the rapidly developing situation related to COVID-19 in partnership with the CCPHC, and officials remain actively involved in discussions with elected officials.

As announced yesterday, County offices remain open with essential personnel in place, but most buildings are closed to the public at this time. The Commission will continue to meet as necessary in compliance with the Missouri Sunshine Law in relation to COVID-19 responses.

There are currently zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Clay County. However, there are several confirmed cases in other counties in the Kansas City area. The situation is changing daily so make sure to stay informed by following local officials on social media and checking websites.

The County appreciates the CCPHC’s work to ensure readiness to effectively react to any potential COVID-19 threat to citizens. CCPHC has worked with state and federal partners since December to monitor the situation in addition to working with local partners including hospitals and school districts to educate and prepare in the event that COVID-19 spreads to Clay County.

For more details and recommendations, visit the CCPHC’s COVID-19 resource page or the CDC’s website.