February 14, 2019

lawbook.jpgToday the Clay County Commission filed for a preliminary injunction asking a Judge to stop the State Auditor from taking any action to enforce unconstitutional demands or subpoenas for records beyond her authority, as outlined in the Missouri Constitution.

Instead of spending her time completing her audit, Auditor Galloway has neglected her constitutional duties in favor of seeking headlines. The State Auditor’s demands are arbitrary and unlawful. She has failed to offer a reasonable explanation for such demands. If she is not held accountable by the County and the Courts, she will intrude on the County’s attorney-client privileged communications and invade medically sensitive employee data. She will further exceed her constitutional authority by conducting a management audit, creating an unconstitutional financial burden for Clay County citizens.

This Commission maintains that no elected officeholder is above the law, including the Missouri State Auditor. The Commission again calls upon the State Auditor to hold true to her ethical and legal obligations to the citizens of the State of Missouri. The County continues to cooperate and proceed with the state audit, within the bounds of the law. Clay County respectfully requests the opinion of the Judicial branch of our government to protect Clay County taxpayers.


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