TedGraves_F.jpgJune 24, 2019 - The County Administration, Leadership and Staff wish to express our deepest sympathies to Ted Graves’ family, as well as his colleagues and friends throughout the community, as we mourn his passing.

The sudden loss of one of our community’s most admired leaders immediately brings to light the indelible mark that Ted left on our community – he was a dedicated public servant who not only made tremendous contributions through his role as Treasurer but also in countless ways throughout his civic, professional and family life. Whether as a coach, teacher or leader in the community, Ted will be missed by many in Clay County who he helped see not only their own full potential but also the full potential of our community. He will be greatly missed, and our prayers will remain with the Graves family during this difficult time.

As Clay County has a responsibility to ensure continuity during this time, the Commissioners will work immediately to appoint an interim treasurer to temporarily serve the duties of the office.

An announcement will be made as soon as possible in this regard but Clay County residents should take comfort in knowing that Ted was diligent in safeguarding our citizen’s tax dollars while efficiently overseeing the county’s finances, which leaves his successor in a position of strength.

In respect for his office, as they mourn, a central contact has been established to handle all inquiries. For additional inquiries, please call 816-407-3549.