5d27e78f95829.image.jpgOn Thursday, July 11 the Clay County Airport Advisory Board along with Commissioner Gene Owen, Assistant County Administrator Nicole Brown and Airport manager Frank Branom broke ground on the new sanitary sewer system at the Midwest National Air Center. This new system will allow the airport to expand and grow, in turn bringing more business and business opportunities to Clay County.

In 2016, Commissioners unanimously approved funding for the airport’s Architectural and Engineering budget to conduct a Sanitary Sewer Study. The research demonstrated that for the Midwest National Air Center to expand, it would need to convert from a septic tank system to a sanitary sewer system. The new system would allow for the development of the land in compliance with the health code and could positively benefit surrounding cities and local businesses.

The existing septic tanks need continual service, usually 2-3 times per month at $325 per service. The septic tank system has served its purpose, but only to this point. The airport’s capacity for economic development is currently at a standstill and does not have the ability to expand, with the current demand, without this new system.

Construction was approved upon completion of the sanitary sewer study and is slated to begin this summer. Construction funds for this phase were approved in 2018 and rolled over into the 2019 adopted Airport budget.


A 2012 economic impact study from MoDot says Missouri Airports are important economic engines for communities they serve. They bring both local and visiting businesses as well as tourism dollars. The study MoDot stated that the annual economic impact of the Midwest National Air Center, then, was at 4.4 million dollars. This figure has significant room to grow with added infrastructure.