The entire metro area is doing its best to defrost after the snowiest November storm in decades. Keeping up with the weather has been no small task, and we owe a massive THANK YOU to all county staff that put in extra work to keep us safe:

Our 20-member Highway crew is responsible for 800 lane miles of roadway. The Highway Department placed 630 tons of salt and sand on county roads on Sunday and Monday, and combined for over 350 hours worked. Our team will continue to work on problem areas until temperatures rise. 

We also want to thank the Facilities Department for keeping the pathways to the Administration Building safe and clear. Thanks to them, the Administration Building was able to maintain normal business hours on both Monday and Tuesday, despite the historically snowy conditions.

Thank you, Clay County, for all of the support over the weekend. We are lucky to have a staff that is committed to public service and safety, and encouraged by the kind emails and social media comments.

Reminder from the Highway Department: if you ever find yourself behind a snow plow, stay at least four car lengths behind and don’t try to pass!  (See, always looking out for us...)

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