On November 15, 2019, the Clay County Chief Budget Officer proposed a budget that will ensure spending on government services remains sustainable and properly balanced. The proposed 2020 budget will outline the basis for providing funding for essential public services, including increased funding for law enforcement, safe and reliable roads and bridges, and the ongoing preservation and beautification of our parks and historic sites for the coming year.


Readers may note the proposed 2020 budget posts a change of -12.8% from $115.6 million to $100.7 million due to restructured fund allocation and efficiency changes. Primarily, the Children’s Service Fund will now be reported the same as all other boards, accounting for approximately $9.25 million of that difference. Of the major Clay County Funds, only the Sheriff’s overall operating budget increased by 3.1%, while other major funds such as General, Airport, and Parks experienced modest reductions.


For a visual breakdown of all fund allocations and changes in the proposed 2020 budget, please see the chart below, or click here for a PDF:

The proposed 2020 budget was prepared in collaboration with the many offices and departments involved in Clay County to encourage internal savings and promote ways to operate more efficiently. It features significantly more support and operating flexibility for law enforcement and increased focus on Clay County roadways, all while maintaining standards for our vital County services. The budget was been balanced with no tax increases by the Commission, and reflects Clay County’s ongoing commitment to its citizens as its first priority.


These budget initiatives demonstrate the commitment of Clay County to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting, and that Clay County maintains a structurally balanced, fiscally sound budget for a first-class county.