Clay County Finance Department




Clay County Sales Tax Rates

County Sales Tax-.500%

County General Sales Tax-.250%

County Law Enforcement Tax-.125%

Children's Service Fund-.250%

Total Local Sales Tax-1.125%

Local Option Use Tax-1.125%

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Mission Statement:

To optimally manage the County's finances through its accounting functions and ensure the proper safeguarding and preservation of the County's financial resources.

What We Do:

The Finance Department accomplishes its mission by ensuring all the financial operations

and transactions are adeqately managed and accounted for in accordance with Generally

Accepted Accounting Principles and other legally mandated standards as required by

state statutes and county ordinances.


Finance staff  assists the Chief Budget Officer with  the development of the County's

annual budget and is also responsible for overseeing the annual outside financial

audit which includes preparation of the annual financial statements. In addition, the Finance

Department ensures timely payments are made through its accounts payable functions.



Finance & Administrative Services

Finance Department

Sean Mileson
Fiscal Accountability Manager

Diane Gruber

Appropriations Manager

1 Courthouse Square
Liberty, Missouri 64068


phone: (816) 407-3640
fax: (816) 407-3631