The Clay County Treasurer's Office operates in accordance with the statues of the State of Missouri.

The Treasurer is responsible for receipting all County revenues, making bank deposits, investing County monies, balancing County bank accounts, banking funds held in trust by the County and tracking all county funds. 

The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for writing juror checks and helping people claim unclaimed property


Office Duties

  • Manage County Checking Account:
  • Budget is $100 million
  • Cash accounting for over 50 different county funds
  • Disburse and reconcile all county checks
  • Reconcile all funds and entire checking account on a daily basis
  • Receipt all money received by county (excluding property tax, which is receipted by the Collector)
  • Invest monies not needed for day to day operations of the county  ($28 million)
  • Inform Commissioners of county's financial status on a regular basis
  • Administrate payroll for the county's 700 + employees

Clay County, Mo.

Contact Us

Clay County Treasurer

Bob Nance

16 W. Franklin
Liberty, Missouri 64068

phone: (816) 407-3540
fax: (816) 407-3541


Sales Tax Reports

Note: the Report after 2013 incorporates changes directed by 2013-ORD-35 (Adoption of 2014 Budget). Notably, the report now contains Law Enforcement Sales Tax revenues.


Unclaimed Property

For Clay County Unclaimed Property, please contact the Clay County Treasurer