Recorder of Deeds: Online Search Access & Notifications

Online Search Access

Online Access

You must be a registered user to view and print available images.  Please review the following information

·         Access to online records is free

·         Registration is required to view and print document images.  The auto-populated GUEST access cannot view or print images

·         Printed images will state “web copy” since they are printed from the internet

 New User Registration:

·        Go to Online Access – do not log in as guest

·        At the log in screen, do not click on anything on the first page until you come to the words “New User”. 

·        Select “New User” and read the information in that screen and click on “next”. 

·        Fill out the form and click on “submit application”.

1.     All fields are required unless otherwise stated.

2.     Your password must be at least 5 characters with a maximum size of 10 characters and should only contain letters, numbers and the underscore character.

3.     After you “Submit Application” you will receive a “Verification Email” requiring you to validate the email address provided on your application.  Please be sure to provide a valid email address for this process. 

When you have verified your email address you will receive an email stating you have been verified and have been given permanent access.




Web Notifications

Once registered for the online access you can set up automatic notifications specific to your pre-defined information.

After you log in to iRecordWeb Search with your permanent user name and password – in the upper right had corner click on your user name (email address)

The User Administration menu will come up on screen – Choose iRecordWeb Notification Service Settings

The Notification Service allows you to be notified when a document is recorded matching your pre-defined search criteria.  Use the form to add or modify the desired search criteria.  You will be notified via the email address you registered with if a matching document is recorded.