Public Services: Indigent Burial

flowers.jpgThe Indigent Burial procedure shall be followed whenever a person is found deceased within Clay County, and there are no means to provide for burial for that person so burial should be provided at the expense of the county under the terms of RSMo section 205.630.

Who is considered indigent? In a general sense, an "indigent" person is one who has no sufficient property to furnish themselves a living nor anyone able to support themselves and to whom he/she is entitled to look for support.

The Clay County Public Services staff and Clay County Counselor shall assess indigent applications to determine whether means to provide for burial services shall be available.  Resources assessed will be within the estate of the deceased, funeral allowances provided by Social Security, or if any family member or other person required by law to provide for the burial of the deceased is able to so provide.  The method of disposition of the remains of the deceased by the county shall be by cremation.  The county shall take steps to obtain the commitment from licensed morticians to provide burial services in accordance with the standards set by the county and for the fee specified by the commission.

Below is an application for indigent funding which must be notarized and submitted within 36 hours after death:  


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