Microsurface Roads

Originally designed as an efficient fix for the German autobahn, microsurfacing is now being used on some Clay County roads.  Microsurfacing is polymer-modified cold-mix paving system that corrects a number of minor surface problems on paved roads.  The finished surface is smooth, durable and resistant to damage from temperature extremes in summer and winter.  Generally a very thin surface (about 3/8”) is required, so a little material goes a long way.

Microsurfacing is applied by a specially designed machine which mixes the materials and applies them to the road.  Initially a dark brown color, the microsurfacing changes to a black surface as it cures.  Microsurfacing is generally ready for traffic within one to three hours of application. 

If possible, please avoid roads when microsurfacing is being applied.  Less traffic on the road is better for the new surface and allows the road construction crew to work safely and efficiently. 

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