Road maintenance is important to Clay County residents and the Highway Department works diligently to meet those high expectations.  With 380 miles of roadways to maintain Highway Department crews are busy year round. 

Maintaining safe roadways begins early in the year with snow and ice removal.  Highway personnel are assigned to specific parts of the County to improve response times for clearing snow and ice from roadways. 

As weather turns warmer, crews cut brush from County right of way where visibility is a problem or where overhanging brush is hazardous.  Spring rains give our personnel the opportunity to inspect and repair ditches and under-roadway culverts for adequate drainage and erosion control measures.  As summer approaches a full-time crew begins mowing along County roadways.  Mowing continues throughout the summer and into fall.  Gravel roads damaged by winter weather are bladed and smoothed out.

Resurfacing work begins in earnest as summer heats up.  The decision to resurface a road is based on the amount of traffic on the road, the time since the road was last resurfaced and the condition of the road.  The cost of oil and rock, manpower available, and weather conditions will have a direct affect on how much resurfacing can be done each year.  Each type of road surface requires a different maintenance schedule and process, but expert personnel oversee all work to assure the quality that Clay County citizens have come to expect. 

Year-round maintenance of traffic and regulatory signs makes County roads safer for all drivers.  The Clay County Highway Department is beginning a multi-year project to upgrade all signs throughout the County to comply with the latest Federal regulations.  Citizens can expect to see new highly-reflective signs being installed throughout the County.

As resurfacing projects wind down in the fall, crews continue patching potholes and return to trimming brush and trees before winter storms arrive.  Gravel roads are prepped for winter and culverts and ditches are checked and maintained.

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