Asphalt, commonly called blacktop, is a mixture of tar, small stones, and sand that is heated and spread evenly on the road.  As it cools, it forms a hard surface.  About one-third of the roads in Clay County are blacktop.

Asphalt is durable but quite expensive to install and maintain.  Because the cost to install and maintain asphalt is two to three times higher than the cost to install and maintain chip seal, it is difficult to justify the expense on all but a few County roads.

Applying asphalt to a road requires specialized equipment to heat the material and keep it hot until it is applied to the road.  As soon as asphalt starts to cool, it becomes hard and creates a smooth, durable road surface.  For this reason, Clay County generally hires a contractor (through competitive bidding) to complete resurfacing work.

If possible, please avoid roads when the asphalt is being laid. Less traffic on the road is better for the new road surface and allows the road construction crew to work safely and efficiently. 

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