General Information/FAQ

Q. What roads does the Clay County Highway Department maintain? 

A. The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining roads and streets in unincorporated Clay County.  Missouri highways with number or letter names, US highways, and Interstate highways are maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). All streets within city limits are maintained by that city. Visit our Report a Concern page for a map of Clay County as well as a list of area cities and counties.


Q. How is the Highway Department funded?

A. The Highway Department budget is limited to the funds allocated by the County Commission each year and to additional revenue received through MoDOT from state and federal funding. Commission funding is obtained through sales taxes in Clay County and the Highway Department also receives 1/3 of the Use Tax collected in Clay County. Additionally, the Road & Bridge tax collected in Clay County is partially allocated to cities and special road districts with the remainder allocated to the Highway Department.


Q. What is “right of way”? 

A. “Right of way” is the land on which a public road is built. In Clay County, the right of way usually extends 30’ to the left and right from the center of the road. In some subdivisions, the right-of-way distances may vary. Please check with the Highway Department about the right of way for specific locations. The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining the right of way as needed for traffic safety. This includes allowing utility easements.

Residents should note that public right- of-ways should remain clear of landscaping and structures (fences, retaining walls, sprinkler systems, trees, etc.) Any such items in the public right of way are placed at the property owner’s risk and are the responsibility of the property owner. Highway Department personnel make every effort not to damage these areas, but the roadways and ditches must be maintained. If it is necessary for County vehicles to be on private property, the Highway Department will contact the property owner to make the necessary arrangements.


Q. How do I report a road concern?

A. Use the online form here.


Q. Will the Highway Department pick up dead deer or other animals on County roads?

A. No. We have no way to dispose of a dead animal, therefore, we cannot remove carcasses. If a deer or other animal is on or near the roadway and is creating a traffic hazard, the Highway Department will move the carcass off the roadway. 


Q. Will the Highway Department cut brush on County right-of-ways?

A. If brush causes a visibility or maintenance hazard, the Highway Department will cut brush on the County right of ways. Brush cutting primarily occurs in the spring and fall.


Q. Will the Highway Department mow County right-of-ways?

A. Yes. Each mowing season, a full-time mowing crew mows all roadways.  Right of ways are mowed at least once each season and more often if possible.


Q. Are salt and sand used to treat snow/ice on gravel roads?

A. No. Salt and sand can cause damage to gravel roads, so gravel roads that become slick are plowed/maintained with a motor grader.


Q. Who is responsible for cleaning out my driveway tube?

A. The property owner is responsible for maintaining the driveway tube. 


Q. Who is responsible for maintaining ditches and under-roadway culverts?

A. Clay County Highway Department personnel inspects and repairs ditches as well as under-roadway culverts to ensure adequate drainage and erosion control measures. 


Q.  Does the County repair damaged mailboxes caused by snow removal?

A. Mailboxes that are properly maintained and correctly located per established federal guidelines will withstand snow coming off plows. The County is not responsible for damage that occurs due to snow discharge. More information is available here.


Q. How do I file a claim?

A. To file a claim, please email the following to

  • a statement detailing what occurred including, but not limited to, date, time, weather conditions, speed of travel, location, and any other details relevant to your claim, and
  • a quote, receipt, or invoice for repair costs, and
  • a photo/photos of the affected item or area of your vehicle.

All items may be submitted via email. Once received by our office, everything is forwarded to the risk management department. The insurance company will then be contacted to begin the claim process. Any further communication about a claim will come from the insurance company. Submission of these items does not indicate or guarantee Clay County’s acceptance of liability or responsibility.



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