The Clay County Clerk's Office is responsible for issuing a variety of permits. If you need to apply for a license, please review the process and requirements below.


Auctioneer License 

Auctioneers must have a license PER State Statute 343.010. 1. No person shall exercise the trade or business of a public auctioneer by selling any goods, property or real estate, without a license.


Auctioneer license(s) are issued to each auctioneer, not to companies.  An auctioneer license issued in any county of this state shall be valid in each county of this state



Licensing Period


12 Months


6 Months


3 Months


1 Month


10 Days


















To obtain an auctioneer’s license complete the application below and submit with payment to the Clay County Clerk's Office.




To read the Revised Missouri Statutes regulating the Auctioneer license requirements in full you may click here.


Amusement License

The Clerk's Office is available to assist with any questions and assistance needed. Review the latest Ordinance passed by the Clay County Commission on

November 2, 2022, 2022 ORD-35 Amusement.



Fireworks License

The Clerk's Office is available to assist with any questions and assistance needed.



Liquor License

Clay County does not provide individual server liquor licenses. If you wish to apply for a servers license please contact the City Hall for the city you wish to work in.  


Businesses need a Missouri State Liquor License(s) before applying for a County Liquor License(s). Once a State License is obtained please fill out our Liquor License application. Submit the completed application and copies of the State License(s) to The County Clerk’s office online, in person, or by mail.

Once The Clerk’s office has received the application and State License(s) copies we are able to determine fees. County fees will be the same amount as State fees plus a $3.00 clerk licensing fee. Payment may be submitted by cash, check, or card. There is a processing fee on all card payments.


Annual License fees are due June 31st of each year. Renewal notifications are sent via mail April 24th – May 5th. Please contact The County Clerk’s office if a renewal notification is not received, as it is the license holders responsibility to renew license(s) by the due date. Please submit the completed County Liquor License application, State License copies, and fees to The County Clerk’s office online, in person, or by mail.





  •  Liquor License Application
  •  Copies of Missouri State Liquor License(s)
  •  Fees/Payment



Failure to obtain your County Liquor License(s) may result in a notification to the Missouri Division of Alcohol Control


Wrecking and Towing Service License

In accordance with RSMo 301.344, any wrecker or tow service business that resides in OR operates more than 50% of its business in Clay County must obtain a Wrecker and Tow Service License. 

Any company providing services in less than 50% of Clay County must complete the affidavit portion of the form for the clerk's records.

If your business is required to file an application/affidavit: complete the application below, submit with the proper documentation, and make payment to the Clay County Clerk's Office.




  • Wrecking and Towing License Application
  •  Current copy of paid Clay County Personal Property Tax Receipt
  •  Copy of Insurance Certificate for Business and EACH vehicle (must show liability limits)
  •  Fees/Payment



**Please contact the County Clerk's office with any questions regarding the requirements or forms necessary to complete the process.