Board of Zoning Adjustment


The Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) is responsible for hearing and deciding appeals regarding county zoning regulation, as well as other matters referred to the Board.  Pursuant to 64.120 RSMo., the Board of Zoning Adjustment generally hears the following requests:

Variance - a request to vary from the standard requirements within the Clay County Land Development Code (LDC) [Section 151-3.11]
•Written Interpretations - appeals of staff's written interpretation of the LDC [Section 151-3.13]
•Administrative Appeals - appeals from administrative staff's determinations of the LDC [Section 151-3.14]

The Board is comprised of three Clay County Commissioners.  The BZA typically meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm Central Standard Time, Commission Hearing Room, 3rd Floor, Administration Building (Old Courhouse Building).  This schedule may vary on occasion, so the public is encouraged to verify the date and time of upcoming BZA meetings by contacting the Clay County Planning & Zoning Department at (816) 407-3380 or Email (


Scott Wagner
Jon Carpenter
JoAnn Lawson




Clay County, Mo.


Planning & Zoning Department
Kipp Jones, Director
(816) 407-3380

E-mail Planning and Zoning

Application Deadlines & Meeting Dates:

(meetings scheduled only if an application as been submitted)

Application Deadline Meeting Date
12/19/2022 01/24/2023
01/23/2023 02/28/2023
02/27/2023 03/28/2023
03/27/2023 04/25/2023
04/24/2023 05/23/2023
05/22/2023 06/27/2023
06/26/2023 07/25/2023
07/24/2023 08/22/2023
08/21/2023 09/226/2023
09/25/2023 10/24/2023
10/23/2023 11/28/2023
11/20/2023 12/19/2023