Planning and Zoning Commission

The Clay County Planning & Zoning Commission is constituted pursuant to 64.0100 Missouri State Revised Statutes (RSMo).  The Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) prepares, adopts, amends, extends and carries out a county zoning plan for all areas of the county outside the corporate limits of any municipality. 

The PZC holds many duties, but mainly focuses on aproval of the Clay County Comprehensive Plan in addition to hearing land development requests such as amendments (changes) to the Land Development Code, Zoning Map Amendments (Rezonings), Subdivisions (Preliminary Plats and/or Final Plats), Conditional Use Permits (CUPs), Vacations of Streets and Easements, amongst others.

The PZC typically meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm CST, in the Commission Hearing Room, 3rd Floor, Administration Building.  This schedule may vary on occasion, so the public is encouraged to verify the date and time of upcoming PZC meetings by contacting the Clay County Planning & Zoning Department at (816) 407-3380 or Email.

The PZC consists of othe Presiding Commissioner of Clay County, the Highway Administrator of the Clay County Highway Department, the chairpersons of two municipal planning bodies, and six (6) residents of the unincorporated territory of Clay County.  Staff support is provided by the Clay County Planning & Zoning Department.

Member Term Expires
David Rhodus 02/28/2025
Mark Beggs 02/28/2028
Randall Morris 02/28/2028
Mike Brinkley 02/28/2027
Thomas Decker 02/28/2027
Bradley Scarlett 02/28/2027
Terri Griffen (Highway Dept) N/A
Jerry Nolte, Presiding Commissioner N/A
Vacant-Municipal Planning Chair  
Vacant-Municipal Planning Chair  


Clay County, Mo.


Planning & Zoning Department
Kipp Jones, Director
(816) 407-3380

Email (

Term Length
Four years

Board Type
Commission appointed


Past Agendas







Application Deadline    Meeting Date

12/05/2022                    01/03/2023 
01/03/2023                    02/07/2023
02/06/2023                    03/07/2023
03/06/2023                    04/04/2023
04/03/2023                    05/02/2023
05/01/2023                    06/06/2023
06/12/2023                    07/11/2023
07/03/2023                    08/01/2023
08/11/2023                    09/05/2023
09/05/2023                    10/03/2023
10/02/2023                    11/07/2023
11/06/2023                    12/05/2023
12/04/2023                    01/02/2024