Zoning Maps

The official zoning map is adopted by the Clay County Commission on an annual basis. The zoning map is technically part of the 2011 Clay County Land Development Code (“LDC”), which requires that all “changes in boundaries of any zoning district shall be reflected on the map…upon approval by the County Commission” (Section 151-1.11).

The following zoning maps have been approved and adopted:

2015 [1.74 MB file size]
2014 [1.99 MB file size]
2013 [1.97 MB file size]
2012 [4.58 MB file size]
2011 [4.87 MB file size]
2010 [3.15 MB file size]
2009 [7.58 MB file size]
2008 [2.04 MB file size]
2007 [1.80 MB file size]
2006 [3.58 MB file size]

Please note that in addition to our general disclaimer, the floodplain layer on the Zoning Maps was not generated by the County and therefore we cannot guarantee its geospatial accuracy.

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