Stormwater Resources

Stormwater originates from rain, snow, irrigation or other activities that flow across streets, driveways, cropland, and yards. The water is carried by gutters, roof tops and ditches where it flows into streams, lakes and rivers.

Stormwater Regulations
Stormwater management is a requirement of all development within unincorporated Clay County. Stormwater management shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of Section 151-8.12 of the Clay County Land Development Code ("LDC").

Other specific stormwater requirements are noted in the following documents:

(administered by Highway and Transportation Department)

(administered by Highway and Transportation Department)

Land Disturbance / Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations
The purpose of the Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (Section 151-8.19 of the LDC) is to control soil erosion on land that is undergoing land disturbance activities for non-agricultural uses and to prevent sediment and soil erosion from being transported onto adjacent property and into streams, rivers, lakes, ponds or other areas required by the Federal Clean Water Act.

Infromation for 1 or MORE Acres regarding land disturbances

Infromation for LESS than 1 Acre 

Our Jurisdiction
The Clay County Planning & Zoning Department has home rule jurisdiction or control over only the unincorporated areas of the County, or those areas outside of city limits.  If you live within an incorporated city, you will need to contact your city regarding any planning and zoning matters as only they have control inside their city boundaries.

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