Grassland Project

Grassland Revitalization Project 

The Clay County Grassland Revitalization Project recreates prairie landscapes at Smithville Lake. The project has three goals: to recreate a grassland plant and wildlife community from pastureland; improve habitat for concerned wildlife species such as Indiana Bat, Northern Bobwhite, Monarch Butterfly, and Honeybee, to name a few; and to create a positive public outlook on conservation awareness of critical terrestrial plant communities, threatened and endangered wildlife species, and wildlife habitat management practices. Native prairie plants can reduce many of our environmental problems providing irreplaceable benefits for future generations.

The 200 acres of recreated grasslands at Clay County Parks are beneficial in soil enrichment, erosion control, invasive plant species control, sequestering of carbon, enhancement of wildlife habitat, reduction of departmental labor and material costs, and added aesthetic value to the parks. An abundance of planted native grasslands can be viewed within our two campgrounds and along the paved hiking & biking trails. The Clay County Grassland Revitalization Project has been funded and supported by the United States Army Corp of Engineers, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Prairie Foundation, Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative, George Clark Missouri State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and WIN for KC.

If you would like more information or would like to become involved, please contact Aaron Kagay at (816) 407-3416 or by email.

Native Warm-Season Grasses & Wildflowers of the Grassland Revitalization Project

Birds of the Grassland Revitalization Project

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