Clay County Parks Department operates and maintains two public swim beaches at Smithville Lake. The beaches are located within Camp Branch and Little Platte Parks.

  Camp Branch Beach - map                       Beach 2 -W36A1332 SMALL.jpg

Camp Branch Beach is located on the east side of the lake within Camp Branch Park across the parking lot from the Main Park Office, Camp Branch Marina and Boat Launch.

In addition to access by vehicle, Camp Branch Beach is also accessible from Camp Branch Campground via Bonebender Trail


Little Platte Beach - map   Beach 1-W36A1011 SMALL.jpg

Little Platte beach is located within Little Platte Park on the west side of the
lake and is accessed from 180th Street. Access is by vehicle and via the new Little Platte Trail.  Nearby park attractions include: Paradise Pointe Marina,
Golf Complex, and Historical Sites - Woodhenge and Akers Cemetery.

Water Quality Information

Clay County samples water quality at all designated swimming beaches at Smithville Lake on a weekly basis during the recreational season. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has designated Smithville Lake as a body of water (lake) with recreational use category Whole Body Contact, category A (WBC-A). 

Water samples are analyzed for E. coli, a common indicator species for bacteria. It is normal for E. coli and other bacteria to be found at naturally-occurring levels in ponds, streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Elevated bacteria levels are frequently associated with heavy rains; however, there are a number of other sources that may contribute to elevated bacteria levels, which may pose a health risk.

Water sample results can help visitors decide whether a particular beach is suitable for swimming, based on the bacteria levels. For waters designated as WBC-A, the state water quality standard is 126 E. Coli colonies per 100mL of water during the recreational season (April 1 to October 31). Because temporary fluctuations, MDNR uses a single event threshold of 190 colonies/100mL of water for E. Coli concentrations. Clay County will post signs notifying visitors that swimming is not recommended if the geometric mean of the weekly water quality sample results exceeds the equivalent of 190 E. coli colonies per 100 milliliters of water (190 mpn/100 ml). 


  Little Platte Beach Camp Branch Beach
Sample Collection Date Left Right GeoMean Left Right GeoMean
04-01-2021 5 1 2filled-flag-green.jpg 3 2 2filled-flag-green.jpg
04-05-2021 10 3 5filled-flag-green.jpg 4 20 9filled-flag-green.jpg
04-12-2021 20 21 20filled-flag-green.jpg 47 65 55filled-flag-green.jpg
04-19/2021 10 10 10filled-flag-green.jpg 4 3 3filled-flag-green.jpg
04-26-2021 10 9 9filled-flag-green.jpg 18 10 13filled-flag-green.jpg
05-03-2021 9 5 7filled-flag-green.jpg 7 8 7filled-flag-green.jpg
05-10-2021 62 73 67filled-flag-green.jpg 16 38 25filled-flag-green.jpg



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