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Jesse James Birthplace

21216 Jesse James Farm Road, Kearney, Missouri  64060    816-736-8500    https://jessejamesmuseum.org/

A tour through the restored home will take visitors back to where the legend began.  Before walking the trail to the farmhouse, a twenty minute movie recaps the history of Frank and Jesse James.  The museum displays the world’s largest collection of James family artifacts.  Jesse’s boots and Frank’s surrender letter are on display.  Guests then follow the paved winding trail to the farmhouse and walk alongside the creek where, as young boys, Frank and Jesse spent much of their time playing.  In the yard of the family home is Jesse’s original burial site, the place where his mother and brother Frank once sold souvenir rocks from his grave for twenty five cents.


Jesse James Bank Museum

103 North Water, Liberty, Missouri  64068   816-736-8510

The Jesse James Bank Museum, located on the historic square in Liberty, Missouri, was the site of the nation's first successful daylight peacetime bank robbery. While the robbers were never caught, the crime was attributed to the infamous James gang. Visitors will see the bank as it was in 1866.


Mt. Gilead Church

15918 Plattsburg Road, Kearney, Missouri   816-736-8500

Built in the 1870s Mt. Gilead Church can accommodate a variety of events, including weddings, family reunions, showers, picnics and birthday parties.  Please call to view the church and make your reservation.

Mt Gilead School 

15918 Plattsburg Road, Kearney, Missouri   816-736-8500

Built in the 1870s Mt. Gilead School offers a unique field trip opportunity to experience history in a one-room school.  A teacher in period costume instructs the class in late 1880s style with McGuffey’s readers. Students use slates to practice penmanship and arithmetic. The four-hour program accommodates up to thirty participants.


Pharis Farm 

20611 EE Hwy, Liberty, Missouri   816-736-8500

In 1927, Donald Pharis purchased a 160 acre farm east of Liberty, Missouri.  Mr. Pharis gave up teaching vocational agriculture to become a full time farmer.  He encouraged other farmers and students to practice soil conservation and land preservation.  The Pharis Farm is open during special events.


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