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Citizens of rural Clay County count on quality roads to get them to work or to school, to visit a neighbor or the doctor, and to get back home safely. The Highway Department works hard to make sure that Clay County roads are ready in any season.

Summers will find our crews mowing roadsides and maintaining and resurfacing asphalt, chip seal and gravel roads throughout the County. More temperate spring and fall temperatures allow our personnel to cut brush, maintain ditches, clean out culverts, and patch potholes. Removing ice and snow fill winter days, along with a variety of road and equipment maintenance tasks. With more than 380 miles of roadway, 1,900 under-road culverts, and 68 bridges in Clay County there is never a shortage of work to be done.

To ensure the safety of our citizens, the Highway Department inspects all bridges biannually with a state inspector. We are also undertaking a multi-year project to upgrade all 5,800 traffic control, regulatory, and street signs throughout the County which will make them more visible in every lighting and weather condition.

Cooperation has been a hallmark of the Highway Department for many years. Highway Department personnel are available during office hours to help citizens with drainage issues, driveway locations, and road or bridge problems. We take pride in being a good neighbor to area cities and neighboring counties. Whenever feasible, we work in cooperation with other entities to maximize limited resources for both parties.


The Clay County Highway Department works hard to remove snow and ice from roadways to reduce hazardous driving conditions during winter events. The time needed to clear hazards from roads depends on several factors: duration and intensity of storm, time of day, temperature, and traffic conditions.

During a winter storm, residents are encouraged to stay off the roads completely if possible. If you must drive, please be patient.  Do not try to pass snow removal equipment and stay 300 feet behind snow plows. If you must pass a snow plow, use extreme caution. Trucks and plows can take up more than one lane and the plowed snow may create a cloud that prevents drivers from seeing. Snow plow operators are not allowed to tow or give rides to citizens.

Click here for a PDF of Clay County's Winter Road Maintenance Policy.

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