Tourism Board

The Tourism Advisory Board assists the County in developing and marketing inbound tourism. The Board's vision is to become a leading destination marketing coalition partner within the Kansas City region by effectively communicating its visitor experiences in cooperation with its county communities and visitor industry proponents.


The Clay County Tourism Board is comprised of nine members who shall represent Clay County communities which have an established interest in promoting tourism. Each member shall be appointed to a term of three years.

Board Member   Term Expires
Lia Jennings   01/31/2019
Shawn C. Barber   01/31/2020
Andrea D. Foulkes   01/31/2020
Jim Hampton   01/31/2020
Lyndsey Michelle Baxter   01/31/2022
Richard Paul Groves   01/31/2022
Carolyn Louise Raasch   01/31/2022

Claire Elizabeth Rodgers




Staff Liaison: Megan Sahlfeld
Tourism Manager

Clay County, Mo.