Senior Citizen Services Board


Our Address:  

Clay County Senior Services
4444 N. Belleview, Suite 110
Gladstone, MO 64116
816 455-4800



Tina Uridge, Director
Bob Steinkamp, Chair
John McGovern
Su Bacon
Dr. Andrew Pratt
Marie Steiner
Edward O'herin
Kay Lynn Peca


The CCSS Board typically meets the third Thursday of every month at 3:30 pm at CCSS office, 4444 N. Belleview, Suite 110, Gladstone, MO  64116.  The schedule may vary on occasion, please verify the date and time of upcoming CCSS’ meeting by contacting (816) 455-4800 or email




Clay County Senior Services Mission Statement
Our mission is to support and value the well-being of our senior adults by serving as the resource delivery agency and by providing a broad range of services to promote wellness-physical, emotional, and intellectual.  The board of directors and staff will accomplish this through responsible management, advocacy and collaboration, thereby improving the quality of life of our seniors. 

Role of County Commissioners 
The governing body of the county shall appoint a board of directors.  The governing body of the county shall levy and collect a tax not to exceed five cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation upon all taxable property within the county.  The governing body of the county must also approve the fund budget prepared and presented by the appointed board of directors.

Duties, Use of Fund Moneys, and Powers of the Board of Directors
The administrative control and management of the funds in the senior citizens’ services fund and all programs to be funded there from shall rest solely with the board of directors.  The budget for the senior citizens’ services fund shall be approved by the governing body of the county… prior to making of any payments from the fund in any fiscal year.  The board of directors shall use the funds in the senior citizens’ services fund to provide programs which will improve the health, nutrition, and quality of life of persons who are sixty years of age or older.