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We just made the phone call to our printer, instructing them to mail the bills.  They should arrive in your box early next week.  Our phone room is now viewing current information, so feel free to give them some practice and call 816-407-3200 if you just can’t wait another minute to know how much you owe this year.  Within the next hour or so, you will be able to pay online at

·        If you have made a change to your bill (added or removed a car) in the last two weeks, that information is about 90% updated, and will be fully updated by close of business Monday.

·        Our cashiers can take your 2015 payment at either location beginning Monday, but you can pay your 2015 taxes online right now.

·        The cheapest way to pay online is to use your checking account information to create an e-check.  The bank fee for this service is only $1.45 no matter how much you pay.  You can even pay multiple parcels at one time for one fee.  I hate fees as much as you do, but this is a small price to pay to avoid driving through traffic, trying to find parking on the Liberty square, and standing in line.  RECEIPTS FOR ONLINE PAYMENTS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE SAME WEBSITE WHERE YOU PAID AFTER NOON THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

·        Please don’t give the government more than they are due.  I get that you want to hold on to your hard earned money until the last possible minute, but PLEASE make that last minute at least a couple of business days before the end of the year.  The post office DOES NOT postmark most mail the same day anymore, and many of them close early on Dec. 31. I am required by law to use the postmark to determine when you paid.  So PLEASE mail your payment by Monday or Tuesday of that last week just to make sure you don’t get hit with interest and penalties.  

Thank you, Clay County residents, for prepaying this year!

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We collected almost $426,000 of "early" money.  When you prepay, you send us the same exact money you will be responsible to pay anyway, but it gets into the hands of your schools, ambulance and fire districts, hospitals, and public service providcers up to 60 days earlier.... AND you get to relax at the holidays and spend your hard earned money on gifts for friends and family instead of sending a chunk to us.

WIN...   WIN...   WIN!



Read about HB 1118 here!

The select committee considering this bill tabled the discussion until next legislative session.  Stay tuned in 2016.


      Would you be interested in receiving your annual tax bill electronically, to an email address you specify? Click HERE to vote.



Our commitment to you...

Below is monthly documentation of every check request initiated by the Collector's office from the Tax Maintenance Fund.

January 2015 transactions                 March 2015 transactions

February 2015 transactions


As a first class county, Clay faces many complex issues when it comes to collecting millions of dollars in delinquent taxes each year.  The county is also brought into dozens of legal cases each year where land owners are appealing assessed value, facing condemnation of their property, attempting to quiet title, going through probate, or facing a myriad of other issues that affect property ownership and liability for taxes.  The Tax Maintenance Fund makes it possible for Clay to take its proper place among the larger, more urban counties in Missouri, and to maintain its record of collecting over 98% of all taxes within three years of original billing.


Primary uses of this fund include: technology (Manatron--specifically Ascend, a Thomson Reuters product--is the name of our current software provider), legal representation for delinquent collections and real property issues (Palmer Law Office handles our delinquent collections and Trish Hughes advises us on tax sale and related real property issues), legislative vigilance (we constantly work with other jurisdictions and our representatives in Jefferson City to ensure good law stays in place and necessary amendments to law are given proper priority), and education/training (GFOA, MCCA, NTLA, etc.).  



Pursuant to Missouri law, the salaries and pay rates of public employees is public information.  Here is a chart of the current salaries and pay rates in the office of Collector. Last updated October 8, 2015.


Salary information 2015  Hourly   Annual 
Collector  salaried   $  69,460.04
Chief Financial Analyst  salaried   $  60,094.32
Assistant Financial Analyst  salaried   $  42,065.92
Deputy Collector II--Specialist (Supervisor)  $     18.32  $  38,105.60
Deputy Collector II--Specialist  $     18.22  $  37,897.60
Deputy Collector II--Specialist  $     18.00  $  37,440.00
Deputy Collector II  $     15.00  $  31,200.00
Deputy Collector I  $     12.36  $  25,708.80
Deputy Collector I  $     12.00  $  24,960.00
Deputy Collector I  $     12.00  $  24,960.00
Deputy Collector I  $     12.00  $  24,960.00
Deputy Collector I  $     12.00 $  24,960.00
Deputy Collector I  $     12.00 $  24,960.00


Online payment, tax information and receipts for current and prior tax years are available here.  Receipts for use at the DMV are no longer accessible immediately when you pay online, but may be viewed online or printed after 12:00 noon the next business day.   If you need a same-day receipt, you MUST pay in person at one of our office locations. PARTIAL PAYMENTS ARE NOW ACCEPTED ONLINE.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS, LOW INCOME, AND DISABLED CLAY COUNTY TAXPAYERS: If you resided in Missouri for ALL of 2015, and you are EITHER over 65 or 100% disabled, AND your total income is less than $30,000 (single) or $34,000 (married filing combined), you may be eligible for the Missouri Property Tax Credit. You must pay your County taxes in full, then use your paid receipt to apply for a credit on your Missouri state taxes.  Click here for complete information on this credit.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the County will never request your personal banking information over the phone. If someone asks for this information, it is a scam. Please do not give your banking information over the phone to anyone claiming to be collecting delinquent property taxes. If you do have delinquent taxes, the Office of the Collector is more than willing to discuss the matter with you at any time. Call us at 816-407-3200. 

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Please note that the fees charged by our online payment processor ARE NOT PAID to Clay County.  They are charged by the bank that processes our payments, and are not something we can control, or waive.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Debit cards charge a flat fee of $3.95, no matter how much you pay, and credit cards charge a fee of 2.45%, with no minimum.  You can also pay by e-check for a flat fee of $1.45.  Please note that receipts for use at the DMV are not accessible immediately when you pay, but may be viewed online or printed after 12:00 noon the next business day.  PARTIAL PAYMENTS ARE NOW ACCEPTED ONLINE.



  • If your mortgage company pays your taxes out of an escrow account, you may not receive a bill—it may have been sent directly to them.  PLEASE VERIFY tax payments with your mortgage company.
  • All taxes are due by December 31, whether or not you receive a bill. 
  • All cities in Clay County have now contracted with the Collector’s Office to incorporate their city tax amounts into existing county tax bills.  Please be assured that your bill will still be handled with the utmost care. Please go to our Frequently Answered Questions for more information regarding city tax bills and how they are incorporated into county tax bills.


Use our outdoor drop boxes! If you drop your payment in our outdoor boxes, you can pick up your receipt or access it online in 3 business days, or we can mail it to you.

You NO LONGER NEED a PIN to pay online, and you can print your receipt immediately from home. YOU CAN USE AN E-CHECK TO PAY ONLINE FOR A FLAT FEE OF ONLY $1.45. Please type carefully. If your e-check is rejected because you typed your routing or account number wrong, it will be treated as a bounced check, and all fees, penalties, and  interest applicable to bounced checks will apply. PLEASE DO NOT EVER STOP PAYMENT ON A CHECK ISSUED TO OUR OFFICE unless you contact us first.  When we receive your check, we process it and give the money to the taxing jurisdictions as quickly as possible.  When you stop payment, we have to take money back from them.  If you let us know what you are doing, we will make notes and make sure it is handled correctly in our software.  Otherwise, we will treat a stopped payment as a bounced check. Also, unscrupulous people often pay by check, get their receipt, go the DMV to renew tags, then stop payment on the check.  If you are an honest person, please contact us to let us know why you need to stop payment and pay by alternate means ASAP.

We accept partial payments at both office locations, ONLINE, and in our internal and external drop boxes. Interest and penalty will still accrue on the unpaid balance, and you will not be able to renew your tags until your bill is paid IN FULL. 



  • One Courthouse Square, Liberty, MO  64068 (The large, white building in the center of the historical Liberty square.)
  • 1901 NE 48th Street, Kansas City, MO  64118 (Just west of the intersection of Antioch and Vivion.  Next to Northgate Middle School.) 
  • Maps & Directions

We take payments until 5:00 at our Liberty location, and until 4:30 at our Annex location.  PLEASE WATCH THE TIME!  In order to serve everyone by closing time, we will cut off the line early as needed.


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