The e-mail notification of solicitation issuance is given as a courtesy. It is the vendor's sole responsibility to check the Current Solicitation Opportunities web site for issuance of solicitations. The Purchasing Department shall not guarantee that by registering to be notified of issuance that such shall occur nor shall the Purchasing Department guarantee successful delivery of such e-mail notification. The Purchasing Department shall have the right to officially amend or cancel a solicitation after issuance. It shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor to monitor the Clay County Current Solicitation Opportunities website. It shall also be the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain the solicitation document, any exhibits, attachments, and addendums thereto. Therefore, the vendor is cautioned to check the Current Solicitation Opportunities website prior to submitting your  response to ensure that you have a complete, up-to-date package to include all addendum(s) and or additional information. Thank you.

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Clay County, Missouri
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Purchasing Manager

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