Division Commander

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Clay County Sheriff's Office Detention Division is to provide service to the community by insuring the safe and secure incarceration of persons taken into confinement by order of a qualified court or otherwise allowed by law.

Confinement will be humane and constitutional as mandated by the United States Constitution, Federal and State Statutes and applicable case law.

The Sheriff of Clay County upholds the philosophy of confinement being punishment in and of itself.

Rules of conduct and behavior of inmates, as promulgated by the American Correctional Association, will be observed.

Professionally trained personnel will staff the division.

Every effort shall be made to meet both the physical and mental needs of all inmates. They shall be offered the opportunity to participate in various programs to encourage self-rehabilitation, growth and positive reintegration into society.

Visitors: Please read the Visitation Policies carefully. They cover various topics as visitation times, requirements, commissary etc.

Inmate Telephone System: The Clay County Detention Center uses Encartele as their inmate telephone vendor.



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Paul C. Vescovo III
C. Vescovo III


Clay County Sheriff

Administrative Offices

12 S. Water St.
Liberty, Missouri 64068

phone: (816) 407-3750


Clay County Detention Center

14 S. Water St.

Liberty, Missouri 64068

(816) 407-3800


Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW)

27 S. Main St.

Liberty, Missouri 64068

(816) 407-3740 



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