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January 2017

Winter finally showed up with extremely cold temperatures this past week.  The golf course maintenance team was able to finish blowing out the irrigation system which was the last task in preparing the golf course for winter.  Blowing out the irrigation system is the process of hooking up an air compressor in a quick coupler and running air through the entire system to ensure all of the water has been removed from the pipe and sprinkler heads.  

There were also numerous trees that have been killed by the emerald ash borer over the past few years.  These trees have been cut down and disposed of properly.  The remaining ash trees that have not been infected will continue to be treated in an attempt to save the uninfected ash trees on property.  There is currently a long term plan to replace some of these trees that affect the playability of the golf course.   This is also a reminder to help prevent the spread of this invasive species by keeping firewood local and not hauling it to uninfected areas.


Winter gives the maintenance department time to refurbish or replace worn down accessories on the golf course.  Associates have been working hard on the colder days by cleaning and replacing broken parts on the ball washers, refurbishing tee markers, replacing old water cooler stands and organizing the shop.  

The grinding process has begun with the start of the New Year.  All reel to bedknife units will be disassembled and sharped.  This is a continuous process that ensures a clean cut without tearing the grass blades.  All rotary blades used in the rough will be sharpened as well.  A dull mower will leave torn grass blades leaving an entry point for disease.  

December 2016

Clay County is excited to introduce a page dedicated to updating you on events and work being completed at The Outlaw, The Posse, and The Academy golf courses.
Days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting cooler and leaves are falling. Zoysia tees and fairways have turned lime green signaling it’s time for them to go to sleep for the season. Maintenance crews have been hard at work this fall prepping the course for winter. Tees, greens, fairways and rough have all been fertilized to strengthen the root systems and harden off the grass for winter. The grass is primed and ready to wake up next spring dark green and thick.
If you believe in the wooly worm you will notice this monster I found racing across a Zoysia tee has no brown. The old wive’s tale suggests that the wider the brown stripe, the milder the winter. Since there is no brown at all on this guy, we may need to stock up on milk soon.

Twenty four hundered pounds of grass seed was planted this fall with a slit seeder that cut a groove in the ground and placed the seed in the groove. Fescue was planted into the rough and Bluegrass was planted in the fairways and tees. The seed has germinated and is coming up nicely. When spring hits it will quickly thicken up and take on a beautiful deep green color.

golf1-3.jpgMaps have been made as a reference to show trouble areas of crabgrass, goosegrass and grub damage. These maps will be used next year when we apply our pre-emergent herbicides and insecticides. With these maps we will be able to use higher rates or second applications on the areas of concern.

golf1-4.jpgThe greens are in great shape going into the winter. They are rolling smooth and true, the color is beautiful and the roots are long. This time of year the growth slows down which means it is difficult for the grass to grow out of damage. Please help us out by fixing an extra ball mark or two while you are on the greens this fall. If the ball marks are not fixed this time of year we will go into spring with pitted freckles covering the putting surface. We will soon be making a final fungicide application to put the greens to bed.
The forecast for the next ten days looks great for golf; take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to get in a few more rounds before the snow flurries fly. While you are out there take a moment to appreciate the incredible scenery surrounding these courses. This Blog will be updated periodically with news of events and projects taking place on the courses so be sure to check in throughout the winter for updates.
golf1-5.jpgPlease help me recognize a great job done by our Golf Course Team. This has been a very challenging year, and they’ve stepped up to the challenge and done a great job. Thank you!
Brad Garrett, 10/25/2016

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