Clay County Commission Passes Balanced Budget with Zero Tax Increases

The Clay County Commission voted unanimously passing a balanced, fiscally responsible budget with no increases in property, sales or other taxes on Northland families.

The 2015 Adopted Budget follows the guiding principles of the new Clay County Commission:

  1. Government must live within its means while focusing on providing basic services expected by citizens.
  2. Develop an atmosphere that fosters economic opportunity and encourages job creation and retention, with the long term vision of building the framework to sustain those jobs for the next generation and enhance quality of life.
  3. Bring a professional, consensus-building approach that makes government more open, accessible and responsive to the people of Clay County.

“Clay County will continue to grow; this fiscally responsible budget will help ensure that growth benefits the citizens of our county,” commented newly elected Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte. “This budget helps set the stage to encourage and increase the growth and opportunity we are seeing in our communities.”

Key components of the budget include:

  • Increased funding for law enforcement and public safety, resulting in additional full-time deputies. This increase approved by the Clay County Commission to the Sheriff’s primary operating budget will also be used for improvements in equipment and capital projects. The Commission responded to the Sheriff’s request to fund additional full-time deputies. These and other increases were approved to the Sheriff’s overall budget and will also be used for the purchase of additional safety equipment, training and long overdue communication upgrades.
  •  More support for public service groups like Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. and Rebuilding Clay County Together that provide vital services to senior citizens and veterans while strengthening our neighborhoods to reduce blight.
  • A significant increase was made to Clay County’s emergency savings fund, well above the minimum required by Missouri Law.
  • No increase in taxes on Clay County families.

“I’m most proud of our partnership with Northland Neighborhoods and Rebuilding Clay County Together. These folks are on the front lines, making sure seniors, veterans and low-income families a little extra help so they can safely remain in their own homes,” added Western District Commissioner Gene Owen.

Citizens can view the entire budget at:

“My fellow Commissioners and I worked many long days and nights on the 2015 Budget. I’m pleased to report that we are united in our commitment to a balanced budget with no tax increases on hardworking families. This budget allows us to get moving on long-deferred maintenance projects at our Parks and other county facilities, gives law enforcement the tools they need to keep our communities safe and provides quality public services,” stated Eastern District Commissioner Luann Ridgeway.

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