Janet Reed Book Signing


excelsior springs book.jpgSaturday, October 15th from 10:00am to 2:00pm - Janet Reed, author of Excelsior Springs: Haunted Haven will be selling and signing copies of her book at the Jesse James Farm & Museum. 
Book Description: Excelsior Springs: Haunted Haven takes the reader back to a time when miracle cures were the stuff of legend. Here in the late 1800s, rumors of healing mineral water springs spread faster than wildfires, and the growth of a city was ignited by mankind’s obsession for health. Practically overnight, Excelsior Springs grew from a farming community to a luxury resort town known as “America’s Haven of Health.” Discover tales of the famous and infamous who sought out treatments for various ills of the day. Many who arrived hoping to be restored by in the waters that gushed forth from the depths may still linger on as spirits. Ghostly tales surrounding this area have been carefully researched and are presented as a legacy to the town’s founding fathers, their descendants, and current residents who still welcome visitors from around the world.
Author Bio: Janet Reed lives with her husband in Shawnee, Kansas, and serves on several Kansas City area historical societies. Eight years ago, she joined with friends to form the Paranormal Encounter Documentation and Research Organization to investigate, preserve, and promote historic haunted locations. She has also assisted in developing Haunted Kansas Tours, providing scripts for tours in Excelsior Springs, Kansas City, Kansas, and Shawnee, to promote tourism throughout the Midwest. 

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