Friends of the Pharis Farm

The Friends of the Pharis Farm help create awareness of Historic Pharis Farm, promote Donald Pharis' mission to educate kids about agriculture and provide support for upgrading and maintaining the historic home. They host many different events. Go to the historic sites front page to find out about events sponsored by the Friends of the Pharis Farm. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can find and print the Friends' brochure and membership form here, payments can be made through PayPal on The Friends of the Pharis Farm websiteor contact Friends of the Pharis Farm co-presidents, Don and Ann Grundy.

The Friends of the Pharis Farm also have a website of their own. 

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Current board members: (from left to right) Steve Schwegler (secretary), Doris Hale, Don Grundy (co-president), Nap Schwegler, Ann Grundy (co-president), Ilene Saxton (treasurer), Lucinda Sanders, and not pictured: Fay Bedinger, and Mike Kinney

Find out about upcoming events here.

Recent Events: 


To see photos from all Friends of Pharis Farm events, click here.

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