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Online Reservation Support Form

  1. Please use this form only if you experience issues with the online reservation system, your reservation, or transaction/credit card-related issues. Your Clay County Parks staff will be happy to assist you with any other issues, questions, or concerns you may have during your stay.

    Do not use this form in lieu of a proper reservation through the online system. You may not use the form to ask us to block off sites on your behalf for payment at a later time.

    We will reply to your issue during our regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8 am through 4:30 pm.

  2. Name under which reservation was made or attempted
  3. Address
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  5. Please leave a valid email address so we can get back to you.

  6. It is very important that you leave us either a good email address or a good phone number, if you cannot access your account. Without either, we will not be able to help you.
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