What is the purpose of the double gated entrances?

Entries and exits are double gated with a transition area to prevent accidental escapes. When entering or leaving the dog park, do not enter the double-gated transition area if there is already a dog in that area. This will eliminate the possibility of both gates being open at the same time. Place your dog off leash in the transition area before entering the unleashed area. Some dogs can feel threatened if they are leashed in the presence of unleashed dogs.  After entering, please move away from the entrance areas.  This will lessen the problem caused when several off leash dogs, already in the park, come running over to greet the new arrival, perhaps overwhelming the arriving dog.  It will also minimize the overuse of a small area. Take advantage of the expansive area provided for your dog.

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8. What is the purpose of the double gated entrances?
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