What is “right of way”?

"Right-of-way" is the land on which a public road is built. In Clay County, the right-of-way usually extends 30' to the left and right from the center of the road. In some subdivisions, the right-of-way distances may vary. Please check with the Highway Department about the right-of-way for specific locations. The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining the right-of-way as needed for traffic safety. This includes allowing utility easements.

Residents should note that public right- of-ways should remain clear of landscaping and structures (fences, retaining walls, sprinkler systems, trees, etc.) Any such items in the public right-of-way are placed at the property owner's risk and are the responsibility of the property owner. Highway Department personnel make every effort not to damage these areas, but the roadways and ditches must be maintained. If it is necessary for County vehicles to be on private property, the Highway Department will contact the property owner to make the necessary arrangements.

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