How can I be sure that I'm only paying my fair share of Real Estate taxes?

The Assessor's Office continually collects and researches sales and lease data, income and expense data, along with other market factors when appraising the current market value of the real property. An important point to remember is that the Assessor Office does not create market value; it analyzes the transactions of buyers and sellers to help determine property values during the reassessment process. It is buyers and sellers that determine the levels of property value with arm's length sales transactions in the marketplace. Collected sales data is used to determine your property's current market value.

Once appraised values have been calculated based on information gathered by appraisers, the values are analyzed to determine how accurate and equitable they are. The Assessor's Office staff compares assessments to sales prices to determine ratios, which are then used to measure the level and uniformity of assessments. Sales ratio studies by neighborhood, type of property, and other criteria are performed regularly to assure uniformity of values.

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