The County Clerk is responsible for the local processing of notary public commissions.

Applicants must first apply with the Missouri Secretary of States Office, Commissions Division....  .. ..... 

For an online copy of the Missouri Public Notary Handbook click here. 

Once approved by the state the applicant needs to obtain a surety bond. The bond then MUST BE REMITTED to and verified by the clerk's office in order for the applicant to receive his/her oath and commission.  The bond will be submitted to the Secretary of State Office of Commissions to show completion and receipt of oath.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM (Staff is always available)

Requirements at time of Oath

  • Clay County Clerk Fee is $6.00 (No credit cards)
  • $10,000 Insurance Bond (to remit at the time of oath)

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Megan Thompson
 Clay County Clerk

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