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If you wish to apply for a servers license please contact the City Hall for the city you wish to work in.  Clay County does not provide individual server liquor licenses.

If you are establishing your business to serve or work with alcoholic beverages you will need to contact the State Liquor License Control in Jefferson City as well as work with the City for which your business or event takes place. The county is required to collect fees that of the state as state statute says that the County SHALL collect the fees. The clerk's office does review and attempt to update the fees per the state listing.

The Clerk's Office can not issue a license until you have applied and received your license from the state. When you have received your documentation from the state stating which license(s) you have obtained please submit a copy to our office via mail, fax or email and our licensing specialist will work with you to obtain the county license required. The fees generally are the same fees as the state and an additional $3.00 statutory required fee for license processing.

Please note that you are required to pay as soon as you receive your state confirmation or penalties and legal action may be able to be made. Such actions can cause all licenses to be revoked and require reapplication and fees in full for both the state and city, and suspension of liquor sales. Contact the Clerk's Office for assistance to ensure that payment is being processed in a timely manner.

NEW APPLICATIONS - please use the links below for the appropriate form.

RENEWALS will be sent minimum 30 days prior to deadline. It is the responsibility of the license holder to contact us for assistance to pay and submit on time. Annual licenses are due July 1 of each year and covers July 1st to June 30th.

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