We are proud to proactively provide you with information most frequently requested from our office under the Sunshine Law.  

If it's your money, you should know how we use it--right?


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This money comes from the penalty on delinquent taxes.  It is not your tax dollars, and it does not come out of the money we distribute to the taxing jurisdictions.  In fact, if everyone paid on time, it wouldn't exist.  Missouri law says we can use it for any extra expenses in  the Collector's office, so we use it to try to push the office forward into better customer service, more professionalism, and greater transparency.  As you review these summaries, please note that account numbers beginning in 943 reference the Tax Maintenance Fund.  Some of the documents contain summaries of multiple accounts on a single page.

If you want any further information on anything listed here, give us a call.  It's your money, so it's your information.  







Primary uses of this fund include: technology (Manatron--specifically Ascend, a Thomson Reuters product--is the name of our current software provider), legal representation for delinquent collections and real property issues (Palmer Law Office handles our delinquent collections, Trish Hughes advises us on tax sale and related real property issues, and we occasionally use specialized counsel to resolve levy and bankruptcy questions), legislative vigilance (we constantly work with other jurisdictions and our representatives in Jefferson City to ensure good law stays in place and necessary amendments to law are given proper priority), and education/training (GFOA, MCCA, NTLA, etc.). 

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We are comitted to transparent government. It is our privilege to provide detailed information on how we spend our budget. Why... because it's YOUR money!


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