Developmental Disabilities Resources Board (DDRB)

The Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of Clay County, Missouri (hereinafter referred to as the "Board") derives its authority from Sections 205.968 to 205.972, RSMo., commonly called the "County Sheltered Workshop" law.  Authority is further drawn from the citizens of Clay County as per the passage of the original county tax levy on April 6, 1971 and from the Clay County Court Resolution dated May 3, 1971 which appointed the first Board of Directors of the Clay County Sheltered Facilities Board.  The name of the Board was subsequently changed officially on January 1, 1993.

The mission of the Board is to promote an environment (array of services and supports) whereby citizens of Clay County with developmental disabilities and their families have the opportunity to have productive and fulfilling lives.



Public Notice

There is NO meeting scheduled for the month of May.
The next scheduled meeting is June 27, 2017.


For more information please contact:
Sonja Bennett, Administrative Director
920 S. Kent Street
Liberty, Missouri 64068




The DDRB regular meeting location is at 920 Kent, Liberty, Missouri, 64068. (Map/Directions)

2017 Meeting Schedule

Minutes, agendas and other postings are here.


The DDRB consists of a total of nine members made up of residents and taxpayers that must meet certain criteria per (RSMo) Chapter 205.970 .


Member Term Expiration
Sonja Bennett  (Director)  
Heath Roberts (Chairman) 12/31/18
Gary Steinman (Vice-Chairman) 12/31/17
Tom Bradley (Treasurer) 12/31/19
Stephen Elliott (Secretary) 12/31/19
Pat Schoenrade 12/31/18
Alan Naylor 12/31/16
Rick White 12/31/17
James Gottstein 12/31/17
Robert Sevier 12/31/18