Military Records

What kind of military records can be recorded?

"Military discharge document", a discharge, separation notice, certificate of service, report of transfer or discharge, or any other notice or document which is evidence of severance or transfer from military service and which contains a service record from the Armed Forces of the United States, or any document that purports to represent a notice of separation from or service in any Armed Forces of the United States or any state, including but not limited to the Department of Defense form DD 214 (RSMo 59.480 1 (2)).

Why should I record my DD-214 paperwork?

Recording your DD-214 paperwork can save you headaches in the future; however, you are not required to file your military records. Recording them safeguards them and allows you to obtain certified copies. Certified copies act exactly like your original paperwork and are needed to verify military service for benefits, employment, retirement and membership in veteran organizations.

What is the fee for recording military documents?

There is no charge or compensation for filing military documents in the Recorder of Deeds office.

How can copies of my records be obtained?

Images of a military discharge document or copies thereof shall only be made available to an authorized party by submitting a notarized request form to the Recorder of Deeds (RSMo 59.480 6). There is no charge for copies or certified copies. 
Military Request Forms are available. A request form that contains more than one military discharge document shall not be accepted by the Recorder of Deeds (RSMo 59.480 9).

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