Utility Permits

County road right of way is County property and requires a permit for use by utilities. 


    • Utility lines, boxes, markers, etc. are to be installed within the utility easement. Utility easements are located outside the right-of-way. The utility company is responsible for locating the utility easement as part of designing an installation project. The utility easement provides permanent access for utilities to install, repair, or maintain lines. Keeping utility lines out of the ROW reduces the occurrences of County work impacting utilities and potential out-of-service time for customers.
    • Installation of utilities through culverts, box culverts, or bridges is prohibited.
    • Any utility line that crosses County right of way is to be located 36” below the ditch line in order to avoid a conflict with any ditch work.
    • When boring under the road, utility lines are to be placed at a right angle under the road.
    • Restoration of the right of way is expected immediately following utility installation.


When a utility line is installed under a County road, indicating it crosses the right of way, a utility permit is required

To begin the process of obtaining a utility permit, email the following to our office:

  1. Utility Permit form, completed for each bore location. 
    • When submitting a permit application for multiple bore locations: 
      • in the Location section, please enter "Locations 1 - " (number of bore locations), and
      • provide a list of the bore locations.
  2. Map(s) of each bore location.
  3. Utility Bond for you and/or the contractor doing the work at the noted bore location. The utility bond should be $5,000 per crossing; most utility bonds are issued for a large enough liability that they will cover multiple crossings in a single bond.


Please allow up to two weeks for the approval process. 

Utility permits are good for 60 days from the date issued.