Vendor Registration Information

Clay County Purchasing Department promotes Fair and Open Competition for all established businesses interested in providing commodities and services.

Clay County Purchasing Department partners with Public Purchase as a ZERO COST option for vendors to have access to over 1670 agencies electronic solicitation documents.  This platform allows Clay County businesses to not only have access to Clay County bids but registered vendors are also provided an opportunity to bid on solicitations throughout the Unites States of America.

REGISTER TODAY with PublicPurchase and gain immediate access to the Benefits of the Bid Board.

  • Registration is FREE 
  • Electronic Access to bid documents, drawings, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) files, etc...
  • Electronically modify responses, eliminating the physical delivery hassle
  • Option to receive daily notifications of targeted bids
  • Complete and sign all forms and documents electronically
  • Instantly receive addendums and updated bid documents
  • Eliminate printing, binding, postage, and shipping fees
  • Discover new opportunities in other markets
  • Identify Subcontracting and/or partnering opportunities
  • Viewing, Downloading documents, and responding to solicitations is FREE