Businesses operating in the State of Missouri are required to register on the State, County, and City levels. Depending on the type of business, specific Statutes and Ordinances may apply at all levels and lead to additional requirements. This page is intended to be read by owners of newly created businesses or businesses relocating to Clay County. If you would like to find out how to do business with Clay County, please visit the Purchasing Department Page.

State Requirements

The State of Missouri operates a website named "The Missouri Business Portal", a joint venture by the Secretary of State, the Departments of Economic Development, Revenue, Labor and Industrial Relations, the Office of Administration, and the University of Missouri. The site is intended as a central location for you to conduct registration and filings for your business throughout its lifetime. It offers up-to-date information about researching, registering, and maintaining your business, checklists, information about grants and funding, business and professional associations, employment-related information, and a wealth of other information related to your business.

County Requirements

All Businesses in Clay County have to be entered into our tax rolls. Please consult the information on the following pages:

City Requirements

All businesses not located in unincorporated Clay County should inquire with their cities with regard to their obligations under their respective code of ordinances, zoning, building codes, etc.

Unincorporated or Not?

Sometimes, it is not entirely clear whether a property is within city limits or not. Thankfully, there is an easy way to find out. Please contact the staff at the Clay County Mapping Department for assistance at 816-407-3370.