Document Standards

All recorded documents are classified into three categories. Please review the sections below to learn more about the different document types.

Standard Documents

Standard documents must follow all formatting requirements to be qualified. They are as follows:

  • 8 1/2 x 11" white or light-colored 20lb paper (no watermarks or logos).
  • Printed in black or dark ink on one side only.
  • No continuous forms or permanent binding, but documents may be stapled for presentation.
  • Minimum 8-point type (non-essential information with any margin is exempt from the requirement; however, the Recorder of Deeds' office is not liable or responsible for ensuring that non-essential information is archived).
  • Signatures must be in black or dark ink.
  • All signatures must have the name typed, stamped, or printed underneath.
  • The top margin must be 3" on the first page, the entire width of the page. All other margins are 3/4".
  • The first page must contain the following information:
    • Title of document
    • Date of document
    • All grantors' names and marital status
    • All grantees' names
    • Any statutory addresses
    • Legal description (full legal description, not taken from tax bills)
    • Reference book and page if applicable.

If any of the required information cannot be listed on the first page, you must reference on the first page the page within the document on which the information can be found.

If one of the required fields begins on the first page and continues uninterrupted to subsequent pages, first page requirements are met.

  • Attachments to a page may not be stapled or taped other than a securely attached bar-coded label or than as required by law ('attachment' does not refer to an exhibit but additions to a document page).

Non-Standard Documents

Non-standard documents do not meet the requirements for a standard document.

To record a non-standard document, an additional $25.00 fee will be charged.

A non-standard document cover page will be added to the front of this document at no additional charge and will be numbered.

RSMO 59.310.1 authorizes the county Recorder of Deeds to refuse any document presented for recording that does not meet the requirements.

Exempt Documents

The following documents are exempt from the new standardization requirements:

  1. Documents signed prior to January 1, 2002
  2. Military separation papers
  3. Documents executed outside the United States
  4. Certified copies of documents, including birth and death certificates
  5. Any document where one of the original parties is deceased or incapacitated
  6. Judgments or other documents formatted to meet court requirements
  7. Fixture Filings on the National Approved U.C.C Forms
  8. Tax Liens
  9. Home School Letter

An exempt document cover page will be added to the front of this document at no additional charge and will become a permanent part of the document.

Cover Pages

A cover page for the document is not required, but a filer may choose to present a cover page and it will be recorded as the first page of the document. The cover page must have a 3" top vertical margin and include first-page designations.

If a document is presented for re-recording, there must be a new first page or cover sheet with the top 3" vertical margin and required first-page designation and it must contain all other statutory requirements.


All documents that are rejected will be returned with the reason for rejection.

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