Residential Construction

The Residential Construction Regulations (PDF) document is provided to assist property owners and contractors with the orderly construction of residential structures and accessory buildings in keeping with the provisions of the Clay County Building Codes and Clay County Land Development Code ("LDC") (PDF).

Please read these guidelines carefully and thoroughly, as they are written to summarize vast content in the interest of simplicity.

Plan Review Submittal Form (PDF)

Requirements, Permits & Fees

The Clay County Planning and Zoning Department requires permits and inspections for almost all types of construction. Please contact us at 816-407-3380 or Email Planning and Zoning Department to find out if a specific project requires a permit. Due to limited department staff and the frequency of scheduled inspections, appointments must be made with the Building Official to obtain a Building Permit ("BP"). In most cases, drop-in permits are not possible.

Please be aware that County regulations prohibit anyone from living in an RV, mobile home, accessory building, or temporary structure on the home construction site prior to, during, or after home construction. Subsequent to a fire or other natural disaster that causes the destruction of the primary dwelling, the County Commission may grant a temporary permit for up to 180 days to place temporary housing quarters on the property during reconstruction. This privilege is not automatic and requires a hearing before the County Commission to determine the existence of a hardship.

Please contact the Building Inspector or Email the Manager of the Planning and Zoning Department for further details at 816-407-3380.